Years of preparation for this one moment


    4years. That’s how long you
    have to learn how to succeed
    in this so-called “real world”
    our parents have been preparing
    us for since conception.

    The minute my mother
    found out she was pregnant,
    my father started putting away
    for college. Of course, I chose
    to go to TCU, so my “college
    savings” lasted me about a
    week… but a great week.
    It seems
    that all my
    life I have
    been preparing
    this pivotal
    I feel like
    I should be crying or moping
    around, or getting upset
    and lashing out at my best
    friends to push them away so
    it’s easier for us to move on. I
    feel like I should be singing
    “A Moment Like This” from
    America’s biggest talent show
    at the end of my run. But for
    some reason, this enormous
    moment in my life doesn’t
    seem to faze me much.
    For those of us graduating
    “on time,” we have major life
    decisions to make. I’ll venture
    to say that most people
    take one of two paths: go into
    the workforce or go to graduate,
    medical or law school.
    Some choose to “take a year
    off” and travel, while the real
    overachievers choose to move
    back in with their parents.
    For those who aren’t burnt
    out on school or who haven’t
    burned out their parents’
    money or ability to apply for
    student loans, there’s always