You?ve done all you can ? now go with it


    Graduation: one of life’s pivotal
    junctions. To work, marry,
    travel Europe or slip into grad
    school with your less-than-impressive
    GPA? So many choices,
    so little time…

    The majority will send out a
    hundred resumes, dress up
    for nerve-wracking interviews
    and play the waiting game for
    that mediocre entry-level job.
    The years
    that follow
    will include
    g ruel ing,
    work that
    makes you
    hate your
    life and kick
    your attention-deprived cat… or
    child. And after all your hard
    work, it will take years of the 9
    to 5 grind and lots of networking
    to kiss and claw your way
    up the corporate ladder. We all
    strive to be tycoons before 30,
    but the odds of that happening
    are about like getting paid
    millions to play Guitar Hero in
    pajamas every day.
    Another popular choice after
    graduation is getting married
    and having a family. You’ll
    have to give up your binge
    drinking and chain smoking
    at the pub followed by
    the infamous walk of shame,
    but hey, we all have to grow
    up eventually, right? Why not
    have fun chasing your little
    carbon copies around for the
    next few decades? By the time
    they come to TCU, you’ll be
    wrinkled, broke and old. Don’t
    get me wrong though, family
    is one of the most important
    and lasting things you can
    have in this world. You’ll get
    to guide them with enough
    wisdom to prevent their own
    future walks of shame.
    Some opt to buck the expected,
    throw on a backpack, and
    get lost in Europe. This is an
    expensive but wonderful way
    to leap out of one’s comfort
    zone and into a new environment.
    Getting lost in Holland’s
    Red Light District, clutching a
    green bottle while drunkenly
    slurring Journey can be a
    source of enlightenment for
    some. I fully believe that ridiculous
    experiences can teach us
    who we are. Worst case scenario,
    you don’t grow or learn,
    or for that matter, remember
    much anything, and come back
    broke, but with some great stories,
    hazy as they might be.
    Take pictures.
    The last category includes
    brainiacs and people who fear
    the real world. Sure the economy
    sucks right now, but two
    years from now, after you’ve
    earned another shiny degree,
    you’ll still have no work experience,
    be up to your ears in
    debt and the economy will
    still suck. On the plus side,
    you’re either pretty smart or
    know how to successfully B.S.
    your way through papers.
    Either way, you’re going to
    be successful.
    Whether you decide to climb
    the corporate ladder, continue
    school, find your self abroad
    or get married and pop out
    kids, it’ll be all right. Life is
    a short and bittersweet ride
    that we’re never in control of.
    Embrace the good as well as
    the bad and take life for what
    it is: unpredictably superb