Your View


    I write in response to an article printed Thursday, Oct. 27, talking about Air Force Coach Fisher DeBerry saying that the loss to TCU is from a lack of black players. He makes the comment that black players run faster, and that that is why they lost the game. That might be true; it might not be true.What I cannot understand is why this political correctness has gone so far that it has become ridiculous. It seems to me that no one can say anything anymore without being reprimanded for their comments.

    If I were a black player, my attitude would be one of joy having someone say I can run fast. Maybe it didn’t need to be said in that way in the first place, but to take offense to it is quite another matter.

    I don’t see anything racial in his remarks other than white guys probably can’t run as fast overall. Maybe if anyone should be offended, it should be those who are white. I don’t think that would happen.

    My comment would be: Get over it.

    Warren Wicklund, the Old Swede from Anoka, Minn.