Your View


    It was discouraging to read the Sept. 30 issue of the Skiff, which featured a lead article and editorial about “encouraging diversity” on the TCU campus, but contained no mention of Bruce Feiler’s inspiring Gates of Chai lecture that had occurred the previous night at Ed Landreth Hall. This remarkable lecture series, now in its eighth year, is a joint undertaking of the Program in Jewish Studies at TCU and Brite Divinity School. The series has brought the likes of Elie Wiesel, Morris Dees and the late Chaim Potok to campus. All of these speakers have mentioned the uniqueness of a program that is sponsored by a Jewish-based program housed at a divinity school located at a college founded by Christians. In fact, in his talk Sept. 29, Feiler remarked that the existence of the series itself is cause for hope that there can be peace among religions.

    Yet somehow this event was not deemed worthy of Skiff coverage. I encourage the editors to consider the words of Dr. Linda Moore, quoted from your Sept. 30 article: “Color is only one part of diversity. We need to address all the minority groups on campus.” Bruce Feiler’s talk was entitled “Can We All Get Along?” I’m afraid the answer to that question will be no … until we give due consideration to each other’s existence.

    Richard Allen,
    radio-TV-film chairman