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News Now 10/03/18

This week on TCU News Now, a controversial guest comes to campus and updates on how to keep your social media accounts secure.

News Now 9/26/18

This week on TCU News Now, two Kappa Sigma fraternity members are facing charges of personal hazing and there's a new app students can download to increase their safety on campus. 

News Now 9/19/18

This week on TCU News Now we look at the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and one nursing class' 'Live Free' project promoting a 72-hour sober pledge.

News Now 9/12/18

On this week of TCU News Now, an update on Hurricane Florence and what students need to know for ESPN's College Gameday on Saturday. 

News Now 9/5/18

On this episode of TCU News Now, we're recapping TCU's first football game, looking at changes to TCU's Title IX policies and checking on the progress of construction projects on campus. 

News Now 8/29/18

Welcome to TCU News Now's first show of the semester. This week we're looking at the shooting in Jacksonville, Florida and what's new on campus, including student media's new frog.

News Now 5/2/18

This is the weekly update for TCU News Now for May 2.

Sports Now 5/2/18

This is the weekly update for TCU Sports Now for May 2.

The Leap 4/27/2018

Tune in to the special graduation episode of The Leap.

The Leap 4/27/18

The Leap’s graduation special with a special performance from Senseless Acts of Comedy.
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