Two friends who live in the heart of the 109 have reached out to gain the support of nine sponsors to help them promote a 5K run, Race to Heal, at 10 a.m. Saturday outside the TCU Rec Center at 2901 Stadium Drive.

Mayur Patel, a TCU junior biology major from Clarksville, Texas, said he and his friend, Bobby Katoli, a TCU junior accounting and finance major from Arlington, heard a doctor speak last year about his experience helping Haiti in its time of crisis.

Patel said the speech inspired them to want to help these doctors try to assist people in need. The doctor described how difficult it was to actually get to Haiti and all the obstacles he had to overcome before finally being allowed to fly there on a private jet.

“It is something we’re really passionate about, Patel said. “Bobby and I know that later in life we would like to go on medical mission trips.”

Katoli, who prefers to shorten his last name of Khosravikatoli, and Patel decided to translate their passion into action with an idea that encourages others to support Doctors Without Borders.

“Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international non profit medical humanitarian organization created by doctors and journalists in France in 1971,” Patel said.

Through Patel and Katoli’s friendship, they created the idea of a 5K Run, “Race to Heal,” to raise money for this organization. They are selling T-shirts and Red Cactus is sponsoring the race and encouraging runners to stop by after they cross the finish line. A portion of the sales that exceeds Red Cactus’ daily sales Saturday will be donated to the organization.

Patel, Katoli and several of their friends have been working recently to promote the race in the 109. Anyone who would like to donate to Doctors Without Borders, but who does not want to participate in the race may either write a check to TCU Alpha Epsilon Delta, the TCU Pre-Health honor society, or just donate in cash.

Donations may be brought to the TCU Pre-Health office in Room 258 of the Sid Richardson Building and will be given directly to Doctors Without Borders, Patel said.

Since Doctors Without Borders is a non-profit organization, Patel said, health professionals need donations for the medicine, supplies and equipment they use
in threatened countries. Doctors Without Borders provides aid in 60 countries.

Doctors who choose to go on trips must pay their way completely to help countries that are threatened by violence, neglect or catastrophe, Patel said. He said doctors pay for their own airfare, staff, living arrangements and almost everything needed for the trip.

“We want a good turnout so we can try to make this a yearly thing and continue after we graduate,” Patel said,

It costs $15 to register for the 5K run. You may e-mail [email protected] or send a text to 817-308-4319 to request additional registration information.