The Moon has recently celebrated its seventh year in business.

“We have made it this far, thanks to very loyal people who love the moon, our friends, musicians and more recently comedians who keep coming back,” said owner and booking agent Chris Maunder.

For Maunder it is about developing new bands and helping to push the music scene forward, both locally and worldwide.

With many staff members reaching their fifth year The Moon has gained a loyal following.

“Working at The Moon is like being with family—everyone has the same hard work ethic but it’s still a lot of fun,” said Squirt, one of the Moon’s bartenders. “Like Cheers [the show], it’s a family atmosphere with so many regulars.”

Squirt describes the overall atmosphere as being very laid-back.

“Among these regulars are TCU students, locals, and Fort Worth musicians, The Moon is a place of collaboration where anyone fits in and everyone hangs out,” he said.

With such a diverse crowd comes a constant demand for something new.

Fortunately, Maunder is not the type to fear change, especially in areas where talent and creativity are concerned. Earlier this year, he decided to incorporate comedy into The Moon’s entertainment realm.

An idea he had long been pending became an immediate reality after being approached by David Cherrill, a local comedian. Cherrill had heard about Maunder’s interest in starting an open mic night for comedians and offered his help and support.

So thanks to Cherrill and other local comedians, The Moon has recently become the first venue to offer open mic to comedians in the Fort Worth area. Although still relatively new, its open mic night has already drawn a crowd of more than 20 comedians.

Comedy open mic nights are held on Sundays, with sign-ups at 7 p.m. followed by bits at 8 p.m.

With free entry and free exposure, the experience couldn’t be better for local or up-in-coming comedians.


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