Some high school students and teachers are enjoying their last few days of summer vacation, but two new coaches at Paschal High school are already busy preparing for what they hope will be winning seasons in swimming and girls’ basketball.

Marshall Campbell, a new resident to the 109, will teach world geography and advanced placement geography in addition to coaching the swim team at Paschal High School in the upcoming year.

Campbell came from Kerrville, where he taught at nearby Ingram ISD. Campbell and his wife owned and coached the Kerrville swim team for the past 10 years. The Kerrville team is a club program that is part of USA swimming.

“It took a really neat job such as the opportunity at Paschal to leave Kerrville behind, Campbell said. “Paschal’s reputation not only as a swimming program but also academically is exceptional.”

Campbell swam on full scholarship at the University of Oklahoma, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

While in college Campbell met his wife, who swam in the lane next to him at the University of Oklahoma during practice.

Campbell has been married for 25 years this year and has four children. Two children will be attending Paschal in the fall and plan to swim for Paschal. Campell’s wife recently accepted a position at the 109’s McLean Middle School as well.

“We have some returning swimmers from last year that are very successful and we have some incoming freshmen that have shown some real ability,” Campbell said of his team. “We need to take responsibility for this opportunity and do very well.”

Paschal has a returning senior who has won the state championship two years in a row, Campbell said. Campbell is looking at how well Paschal can do at state and would like to include a relay team at state.

“I didn’t know much about Fort Worth before pursuing this job, and I didn’t understand the whole Fort Worth thing,” Campbell said. “I had pictured this huge city, but it is a big small town. It’s easy to drive around, but yet it has everything. It is such a neat fit and it feels comfortable here.”

In his free time, Campbell does a lot of swimming, running and cycling to stay in shape.

“I am really excited about this opportunity, the community has been very warm and receptive to us and we are becoming more and more excited,” Campbell said.

Paschal girls’ basketball team looks to refocus

David Mishler, resident of the nearby 76133, will coach the Paschal Lady Panthers basketball team in the upcoming year.

Mishler is originally from San Diego, Calif., and graduated from TCU in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

“I stayed in Fort Worth because the educational opportunities are better in Texas than in California,” Mishler said. He has been a Fort Worth resident since he began school at TCU in 2002.

Mishler spent three years working as a student assistant for the TCU women’s basketball team. From there, he was a girls’ junior varsity basketball coach for one year and a varsity basketball coach for the past three years at North Side High School.

“I always said there was only one other job in the district that I would leave North Side for and that was Paschal,” Mishler said. “This whole school educationally and athletically is proud and continues to build and balance academics and athletics.”

Mishler is not allowed to actually coach the girls during the summer but he has jumped right into his position with parent meetings and open gym, which allows the girls to come in and work out on their own.

Practices begin Oct. 21 for the basketball season, Mishler said.

Mishler said he wants to “change the culture and change the attitude” of the program he is taking over at Paschal.

“As soon as we get that changed I think we will see huge gains on the court,” he said.

“We need to get [the girls] in a mind frame where they are working hard and working aggressively, competing every single day, and once we get that instilled — those ideals of accountability and hard work — then we can see the growth athletically,” Mishler said.

In his free time, Mishler visits friends, family, and enjoys what Fort Worth has to offer. Mishler also remains a fan of TCU and goes to most football games.


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