Several hundred people gathered outside Arborlawn United Methodist Church last night to see the lighting of the newly renovated chapel.

Anticipating the opening of the new facility, the church had launched a campaign called "Look for the Light." The campaign was designed to build excitement and to announce the date the congregation would start holding services in the renovated section. There was no formal agenda or speeches planned. Yet people lined up all along the streets and sidewalks surrounding the church. The weather cooperated with the event, dropping to a rather comfortable 81 degrees.

As the time neared, the crowd started chanting a countdown and suddenly the night sky was illuminated by the central tower, bathed in soft blue and white lights. The crowd cheered and photographers started firing off as many shots as they could get.

A large youth group took over one street corner and chose to sing the Paschal High School anthem in honor of the moment. Several young families brought their children so they would remember this moment for years to come.

The tower has 261 combinations of lights and will remain on every night. The Reverend Ben Disney said the lighting of the tower signifies to the congregation and community that this coming Sunday, August 28, is the date of the church’s first worship service in the new facility.

The church will hold a community open house on Thursday, Sept. 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. when the public will be invited to explore the new facilities and meet the people of Arborlawn.

A special service will be held Sunday, Sept. 11 when the church will celebrate its sixth anniversary when Arborlawn united with Westcliff UMC. Bishop Michael Lowry will be in attendance, along with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price.



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