Those who walked in Trinity Episcopal Church’s doors on Tuesday night were greeted with colorful beads and the aroma of an assortment of foods, as part of the church’s Mardi Gras celebration.

More and more people come each year, church member Abby Cariker said. Each year church members celebrate the last night before the beginning of Lent with live music, entertainment and an array of foods from red beans and rice to King’s cakes.

The event also raised money for the church’s charitable outreach through a paid admission Cariker said.

Church member Cherie Shipp said the church usually raised $400-$500 from the event. She was not sure the exact organization the money would go to this year. However in the past, the church has focused their outreach money on organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Opening Doors for Women in Need, according to the Trinity Episcopal Church Parish Profile.

Other than its charitable deeds, church member Bunny Micklas said the music, the food and the spirit are what bring people to the celebration every year.

“It’s families coming together from Trinity, having a wonderful time,” she said.

Shipp said the church hosts other events throughout the year, such as Feasting with the Saints in the fall. This event celebrates the lives of saints by serving up dishes with names of saints. Other events include bread making classes, cookie decorating and Oktoberfest.

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Heather Noel contributed to this report.