Westcliff Elementary School received a mini face lift last Saturday.

Volunteers from the school and McKinney Memorial Bible Church teamed up to assist in improvements the school needed, but was unable to accomplish on its own.

The event called, "Servolution," brought about 300 volunteers together to plant flowers, lay concrete, install benches and paint door facings both outside and inside the facility.

McKinney Church Missions Pastor Chris Lipp said volunteering in the community is something the church has been trying to get more serious about.

“Our heart as a church has been to try to make a difference in the community,” he said.

Through the event, "Servolution," he said, the church hoped to make an invisible God visible.

“As God has been good to us, we want to help other people learn that God is good,” he said. “We try to do things that help them see that first hand.”

Westcliff Elementary School Principal Sarah Gillaspie said she was shocked at the turnout the event received.

“Actually being here to see everyone out here supporting us is completely amazing,” she said.

Gillaspie, who is in her seventh year as principal, said "Servolution" showed God’s love for her students, faculty and staff.

“It really brings the community together and it helps our families know that there is a greater community that supports them and loves them,” she said. “That was the goal.”

Volunteers included people of all ages, like teenager Margo Bolt, who is learning at an early age the importance of community outreach. She said though she only painted doors and scrubbed copper, participation in the event made a lasting impression on her.

"Once I get older and I have a family, I want to bring my children out here to teach them the value of [volunteering]," she said


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