Tanglewood residents met at Tanglewood Elementary School on Monday to discuss the budget, neighborhood zoning and upcoming events. The president of the Tanglewood Neighborhood Association, Harry Haney, led the meeting.


Residents voted and approved the budget. Haney presented the budget, with an ending balance of $6,613.40. TNA deposited $1,3079.92 in dues and reimbursements, while withdrawing $20.30 for supplies.



There was no crime report at the meeting because Rick Shepherd, a representative from Citizens on Patrol, was not present.


Residents said they have not seen much crime in the neighborhood since the last meeting. Haney reminded residents to not leave valuables in cars where people can see them because break-ins are common in the area.



Deborah Freed, development committee chair, brought City Planning Manager Jocelyn Murphy to discuss zoning and land use in Tanglewood as part of a presentation called “Can They Build That Here?”.


Murphy discussed the importance of zoning in how it regulates land use to protect neighborhoods and provide predictability in development. Tanglewood is an A-5 zone, meaning that lot sizes are consistently 5,000 square feet.


Zoning does not regulate drainage problems, fire hazards, noise, parking, fence location on private property, or outdoor play equipment, she said. If a resident has problems with these things, he or she should contact Code Compliance.


However, zoning does regulate lot sizes, placement of structures on lots and structure sizes. All of the rules and measurements can be found on the Fort Worth Zoning website.  



The neighborhood association participated in the city’s "Great American Cowtown Cleanup" on Saturday by picking up trash in area parks. Haney said  he encouraged more people to participate in future volunteer events.


The next neighborhood association meeting will take place August 13. For more information, go to the Tanglewood Neighborhood Association website.