First round of competition begins Thursday for the 66th Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. The golf tournament is the longest running event on the PGA Tour to be held at the original site. The invitational will be featuring 12 of the top 20 players in the U.S. Ryder Cup standings. Here are the five things PGA fans need to know before heading out to the green:

1) Tickets
Tickets must be purchased in advance because they are not sold on site at the Colonial Country Club. Tickets are available at Tom Thumb locations, on the official Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial website and through the tournament sales team by calling 817-927-4280.
The will call office is located on Rogers Road, nearby the course. If you are picking up credentials from will call, you must drive there first before parking your car in order to ride the shuttle to the event. There are no tickets available to purchase at will call.
Here are the standard ticket prices and packages to choose from:

• Daily Grounds (Wed-Sun) – $45
• Weekly Grounds Badge (Wed-Sun) – $100
Includes access to Bank of Texas Fan Fest, Crowne Plaza Lounge and the
entire golf course
• Champions Club Badge – $225
Includes access to an air-conditioned private venue with food and
beverage al a carte along with the benefits of the Weekly Grounds
• Hogan Club @ 18 – $250
Includes an all-inclusive group hospitality ticket with food and beverage
at the Colonial’s finish hole.
• Youth (ages 13-17) – $15
• Ages 12 and under – FREE

2) Parking
Public park-and-shuttle lots are available at Farrington Field and the TCU football stadium. The parking charge is $10 per vehicle. Spectators need to go to will call before parking because a ticket is required for access to the grounds for anyone 13 or older. There is handicap parking at both parking lots near the loading zones.
See the maps, specific directions and alternate routes at Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial Parking Information.

3) Security
A security check point is located inside the main entrance. Spectators are allowed to leave their items in a safe location during the event. Any prohibited items must be checked here as well.

Folding chairs are permitted along the gallery rope-line. However, there are several items not allowed into the event:
• Backpacks
• Firearms
• Large purses, packages or bags
• Clipboards
• Cameras/Video Cameras (not allowed Thursday-Sunday)
• Coolers, glass containers, beverages or alcohol
• Posters and autograph items larger than 8" x 12" should not be brought to the tournament

Note: These items will be confiscated or searched if brought to the event.

4) Etiquette
Spectators are more than welcome to applaud or cheer for a player, but excessive demonstrations are not appropriate. Spectators are expected to remain quiet until the player is completely finished with a swing or putt.

Everyone must stay behind the gallery ropes and cooperate with the course Marshals and all other tournament and PGA Tour officials. Spectators are expected to kneel or sit down if they have a front row spot.

5) TV/Social Media
Whether you are watching from the green or from the comfort of your home, we have the information for you to stay connected to the invitational. Spectators are encouraged to use the mobile version of the along with following the tournament on Twitter.

The event will be covered live all weekend:
The Golf Channel on Thursday/Friday (3-5 pm)
CBS on Saturday/Sunday (2-5 pm)

Other tips:
Make sure to arrive early to claim a spot, especially if you plan on watching the tournament from a stationary position.

Spectators should pick a stationary spot in the bleachers or follow a particular player(s) around the course for many holes. Some fans do a combination of both – little bit of walking, little bit of sitting.

Make sure to check the weather to determine what to wear. Also, comfortable shoes are the best to wear for walking on uneven terrain.

Spectators must stay hydrated because temperatures often exceed 90 degrees during this time of year.