Voters were out in full force at the Fort Worth Country Day School polling station with only a few hours left to vote.

Polling station volunteer Janae Rusk said there had been almost 500 voters as of 5 p.m. Polls were open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

First-time voter Julieta Zarzamora said she was excited about the opportunity to vote.

“I’m the first person in my family to vote,” Zarzamora said. “My parents don’t speak English and they always don’t want to figure out the issues because they feel like they don’t belong. But it’s my country so I wanted to have my voice.”

Zarzamora, 22, said she was encouraged to get involved in making her voice heard by her favorite high school teacher.

“She showed me all the things matter to me because I live here and [the president] affects how I live,” she said.

John Braetigham said he has voted since eight presidential elections ago.

“I’ve been voting a long time, so I can usually kind of tell what is going to come out of it, but this election is the one I’ve been the most excited about and anxious for. It’s a really important one,” he said.

Some voters who came out to the polls were turned away because they “weren’t on the list,” said Andrew Achterberg, who was trying to vote in his first election.

Achterberg said he registered to vote when he renewed his driver’s license, but his registration never made it to local election officials.

“[Poll workers] gave me a provisional ballot and I still voted, but they said it probably wouldn’t even be counted. I’m really disappointed,” he said.

About 900 north Texas voters experienced the same problem, according to News 8 WFAA. These voters checked a box on their driver’s license applications to register to vote, but their registration was not made official and they were allowed to vote only with provisional ballots.