The City of Fort Worth ended their online sale of rain barrels on Oct. 27, and residents who ordered one can pick them up Saturday.

The event will be held Nov. 2 from 9-11 a.m. at the Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods.

“Typically, the harvested water is used for maintain gardens, flower beds and potted plants.  It could also be used to water foundations or wash cars, said Becki Begley, public education program coordinator for the transportation and public works environmental management division.

Begley said water conservation and protection of water quality were two of the main environmental positives of rain barrels. By capturing rain to use later for gardening, residents can avoid using sprinklers or other excess water during times of little rain. Also, less runoff drains into local rivers and streams, which eliminates chemicals or debris that can be picked up along the way.

The barrels also save people money by reducing the amount of water needed to maintain plants or shrubs, Begley said.

The barrels are 50 percent recycled plastic and are protected by a mosquito-proof screening to prevent possible West Nile outbreaks. They are painted green to blend in with any garden setting.

“We have to do something to protect our environment,” said Carol Savage, resident of Westcliff and owner of two rain barrels. “I am very proud to have them.”

“If you have a garden, you really need them,” Savage said.

“Harvesting rainwater results in several benefits; one obviously, is water conservation,” Begley said.  “Since Fort Worth is under water restrictions, any savings are beneficial.”

The next projected sale of rain barrels will come next spring.