If more people seem to be sneezing, the reason may not be due to the common cold.
Allergy symptoms can mimic those of a cold, according to, and tend to linger longer.

“The problem most people are having right now is mountain cedar,” said Dr. Millard Tierce, a physician at Lanier Allergy Clinic.

“A lot of the people sensitive to mountain cedar have been really having an explosion of their allergies in recent weeks,” he said.

A Fort Worth native, Tierce joined Dr. Bob Lanier at the clinic last year, he said. Lanier has treated allergies in Fort Worth since 1977.

Tierce said he has recently seen more patients with symptoms.

“Those sensitive to mountain cedar have been very symptomatic,” he said. “It does seem that this year is worse than the last couple of years.”

While pollen counts for mountain cedar have been exceptionally high, Tierce said the situation is seasonal and varies yearly dependent upon conditions like the weather.

Genetics are the biggest risk factor associated with allergies, Tierce said, and any known triggers should be avoided.

“Repeat exposure, of course, makes your symptoms worse,” he said.

Additionally, high levels of indoor dust and dander are predicted. According to, those allergens are expected to reach extreme levels near the end of this month.