The celebration that erupted following Ann Zadeh’s win in the District 9 City Council runoff election Saturday night caused her to miss a cellphone call from Mayor Betsy Price.

Price was one among many congratulating Zadeh on her successful campaign, which began with six candidates and ended in a runoff against Ed Lasater.

Zadeh’s mother, Virginia, was in from California to be with her daughter as they watched and waited for the final tally.

“I never would of have dreamed,” she said, speaking of Zadeh’s political aspirations.

Friends, family, neighbors and well-wishers began gathering at the Zadeh watch party on West Berry Street around 7 p.m., and within a few hours, the building was packed.

Although Lasater held a slight lead following the early vote count, Zadeh’s campaign consultant Travis Parmer remained confident.

“I’m not worried,” he said. “It’s been a crazy ride. It’s been a low turnout.”

Parmer said he believes the reason for the low turnout is because of the way the legislature staggered the elections, and people are tired of voting back-to-back during the given time frame.

Among others, conversation topics covered campaign contributions, area homes, Joel Burns' term as District 9 City Councilman and Zadeh’s opponent Ed Lasater.

“Ed, to me, he’s a nice guy,” one guest remarked. ”Many people have drug things through the mud, but not Ed.”

Some of the partygoers, such as Christy Coffey, said they were friends with both candidates and thought either would do a good job.

Burns dropped by to say hello shortly before the final votes were in.

Zadeh ended the evening with more than 1,600 votes edging out Lasater by more than 200 votes to fill the District 9 vacant seat.