As the end of the school year nears, Alice Carlson‘s principal prepares to say farewell.

Jeannie Robinson has been at Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center for 21 years as a teacher, instructional specialist, assistant principal, and for the past eight years, principal.

“I don’t think there is a better word to describe her than encourager,” said Christy Walthall, secretary at Alice Carlson.

Robinson is also well-read, kind-hearted and even-tempered, Walthall said.

“I’ve only seen her upset maybe one time,” she said. “I’ve never worked for anyone like that. It has been a pleasure.”

Robinson talked with the 109 about some of the changes she has seen during her time at Alice Carlson.

“I’ve seen kids become more self-confident in their communication skills,” she said. “I think that is largely due to the technology that they have access to now.”

Part of the school’s mission is to nurture lifelong learning, and Robinson has had a chance to live that at Alice Carlson, she said. Robinson was recently honored with a plaque on the school building designating her a life-long learner.

Alice Carlson has a strong level of parental involvement, Robinson said, and it has been inspiring working with volunteers and seeing the level of challenge the staff was willing to undertake in the area of professional development.

Robinson said she looks forward to reading and traveling with her husband during retirement. Choking back emotion, she said she will miss the children, but she will also miss the relationships she formed while at Alice Carlson.

“I’ve had some very exceptional leaders who were really good at helping me reach my potential,” she said. “And I have tried to do that with the people I work with here.”

Walthall said Robinson’s encouragement and belief in the ability of others makes people want to please her.

“She’s able to pull out of the child what’s best in them,” she said. “I love to see that.”

Last week, a letter in the Carlson Weekly thanked Robinson for her years of service at the school.

“You have inspired us all and have left a legacy for us to continue to grow in and to enjoy,” the letter said. “You have been an inspiration in all of our lives and motivated us to do our best. The entire school will miss you.”