Junior nursing major Catherine Quinn poses with her "doctor's stethoscope." Commentators on “The View” were recently critical of nurses and questioned their need for stethoscopes.

Some TCU nursing students have joined critics of “The View” and its hosts’ remarks about the nursing profession.

Others said the anger may be overblown because the women were trying to be provocative and make people laugh.

Instead of singing or doing some other type of performance in the Miss America Pageant, Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, spoke about her experience as a nurse while dressed in her medical scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck.

Michelle Collins’s and Joy Behar’s dismissive remarks about Miss Colorado’s talent in the pageant caused the show to lose five advertisers.

Collins said Miss Colorado sounded like she was reading her emails out loud and that it was not a real talent. Behar asked why Miss Colorado had a “doctor’s stethoscope” around her neck.

Nurses around the country went on social media to express their disbelief over these comments. The hashtags #nursesunite, #showmeyourstethoscope and #nursesmatter have been trending.

Junior nursing major Catherine Quinn said she thought Miss Colorado’s talent was a refreshing take on the pageant world.

“I liked how she came in her scrubs and not an elaborate gown and told her real life story about what she does,” Quinn said. “I think it made people see nursing as a talent and not just a profession.”

Junior nursing major Katie McAuliffe said she was, “really excited to see that Miss Colorado was representing nurses in such a positive way and that she didn’t do the typical singing-type talent.”

Senior nursing major Brooke Roberts said she liked the monologue, but didn’t think it was a talent.

“I think nursing itself is a talent but not her speech. I don’t think it was appropriate for the talent portion of the competition,” Roberts said. “I think the people on” The View” were just trying to make comments like they do every single day and make everyone laugh. I don’t think everyone should have taken it so personally.”

Senior nursing major Morgan Meyer said she thinks the women on “The View” are just uneducated.

“There were some people who reacted really angrily, but I think they just need more education about how nurses actually use a ‘doctor’s stethoscope’ more than a doctor does themselves,” Meyer said. “They go in and assess patients way more than a doctor does.”

“The View” issued an apology to nurses shortly following the incident. Johnson & Johnson, Eggland’s Best Eggs, Party City, Snuggle and McCormick Spices pulled sponsorships from the show.

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