The fourth annual Second Year Pinning had its highest attendance last Friday, Sept. 18 due to the large number of Family Weekend registrations.

According to its webpage, the pinning’s purpose is to “recognize and celebrate the demonstrated intent of sophomores to complete their education at TCU, encourage sophomores to assume their role as rising campus student leaders, and foster among sophomores a stronger connection and deeper affinity to their class and the institution as a whole.”

Some sophomores said the ceremony gave them a great sense of pride in being a Horned Frog.

“It was really nice to see that we were being recognized for moving on to sophomores and growing into new leaderships roles,” said Josh Jackson, a sophomore religion major.

“It was fun for us sophomores because we do kind of feel a little bit lost in the shuffle sometimes to be reminded that we are a part of a really incredible community with a really incredible alumni base,” said Jennifer King, a sophomore criminal justice and psychology major.

Director of the Sophomore and Junior Year Experience Keri Cyr said the ceremony celebrates the transition from being first-year students to leaders as sophomores.

“When students decide to come back to a school for a second year, it tells us that they are committed,” Cyr said.

President of the Alumni Association Teresa Davis McKee, said the honor of receiving the class pin was a sign of the obligation to both TCU students and alumni.

After receiving their pins, students concluded the ceremony concluded with the alma mater and free Steel City Pops.

The class of 2015 was the first class to graduate with class pins.

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