The projected housing assignments for the new Greek village were released Monday.

The housing assignments for the new Greek Village were released Monday morning.

Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Brooke Scogin and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull sent an email to chapter presidents, advisers and corporation board members with the projected layout Monday.

The email included some of the factors that went into assigning housing locations and pairings.

“We wanted a true Greek Village, not an old row and a new row, but a village that was cohesive,” Scogin and Cavins-Tull wrote. “You’ll see that we paired long-established chapters with newer [ones].”

Scogin and Cavins-Tull added that chapters with similar names were not placed near each other to prevent confusion. They also included that the chapters’ housing choices were a factor in the assignment process.

“We took into account your preferences,” Scogin and Cavins-Tull wrote, “and were able to assign all chapters somewhere between their third and sixth choice.”

The village will replace the current Greek housing in Worth Hills and is projected to be finished by fall 2018. The construction of the sorority houses is expected to begin in May 2016, and the fraternity houses will follow.


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