Students from the Starpoint School joined with veterans and Chancellor Boschini in the Veteran's Plaza.

Whether in picture or in person, veterans from World War I to the War on Terror were honored through events on campus from Nov. 9-13.

The week was designated “Veteran’s Celebration Week” and started with a celebration for the Marine Corps’ birthday.

Col. William Dwiggins, a veteran’s education regional coordinator, delivered a commemorative speech.

“This is a very special moment for us,” Dwiggins said. “It means a lot, for as small of a service as we are, to have so many people here who know exactly what that means.”

The first slice from the traditional cake-cutting ceremony was presented to the guest of honor, author Ethan Casey.

Christa Banet, a retired United States Marine, said she hoped people would understand the importance of the day.

“We are rooted in a tradition of serving our country,” Banet said. “It’s a brotherhood, a sisterhood, and a very small amount of people do it.”

The Student Veteran’s Alliance is a group that brings TCU military members and veterans together.

Brady Hicks, the SVA vice president, said he likes when veterans are recognized on campus.

“I will say that TCU is the only place I’ve been where a student has come up to me and asked if I was in the service and then shook my hand and thanked me,” Hicks said. “I thought that was pretty cool.”

Christina Mungilla, another member of SVA, said Veteran’s Day is about honoring those who sacrifice for their country.

“[Those in the military] have the hearts of volunteers,” Mungilla said. “This is what military people do.”

The Veteran’s Day celebrations on Nov. 11 kicked off with an event at the Robert Carr Chapel.

Students from the Starpoint School read letters they wrote about Veteran’s Day, and veterans and members of TCU ROTC delivered speeches.

Chancellor Victor Boschini helped present a wreath to the front of the chapel, which military personnel saluted as it passed.

Those present then walked from the chapel to the Veteran’s Plaza, where the wreath was placed.

A luncheon for veterans was held in the Brown Lupton University Union ballroom.

James Green, a retired United States Army veteran, said he was happy to be part of the festivities.

“We have so few opportunities to recognize our veterans,” Green said. “I think we need to recognize them in any way we can.”

Other elements of the Veteran’s Celebration Week included yellow ribbons tied to trees around campus and three ‘Walls of Honor’ that displayed photos of veterans.

A showing of “American Sniper” aired in the Sid Richardson building Wednesday night.

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