Jordan Mazurek tying a yellow ribbon around a tree for Veterans Week at TCU.


Student Veterans Alliance will be displaying yellow ribbons starting Nov. 6 to kick off Veterans Week at TCU.

Since 2010 the organization has adorned trees lining University Drive with yellow ribbons to honor current and former members of the Armed Forces.

William Howe, president of Student Veterans Alliance, said the symbolization of yellow ribbons could be traced back four hundred years to a song called “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.”

“The song talks about a woman who is being tested as she waits for her loved one to return to her and uses the ribbon to symbolize her devotion,” Howe said.

He said the military has never officially adopted yellow ribbons as part of its uniforms, but wearing yellow ribbons symbolizes support of soldiers away from home, as well as for those who have served.

“After 9/11 during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, many car magnets were sold in the shape of yellow ribbons so individuals could show support for the military and demonstrate solidarity with the war,” Howe said. “It is simply a way to honor veterans.”

April Brown, director of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services and a Marine veteran, said to her yellow ribbons represent support for military members and their families.

“It honors any person serving in the military whether they’re currently serving, retired, deployed or never been deployed,” Brown said. “It’s just a way to say this is the veteran or service member I want to honor.”

The display of yellow ribbons is part of Veterans Week at TCU, which will take place Nov. 9-13 and offer various ceremonies, speeches and a screening of “American Sniper” on Veterans Day.

A full list of Veterans Week events can be found below.

A list of events for Veterans Week at TCU
A list of events for Veterans Week at TCU
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