TCU sends students to London, England, along with many other places throughout the world.

Faculty and staff members who advise students going abroad or considering leading a study abroad program can get answers to a broad range of topics Wednesday at a study abroad workshop.

Topics for the workshop, sponsored by the Center for International Study, are expected to range from study abroad advising, policies and procedures when taking students abroad and faculty-led programs over the summer.

At least 50 TCU professors participate in study abroad programs and 35 percent of TCU students study abroad, said Study Abroad Coordinator Jesica Severson. TCU runs semester-long programs in Florence, Italy; London, England; and Seville, Spain, as well as 15 to 20 summer faculty-led programs around the world.

The Abroad Spectrum Workshop is scheduled from 10 a.m to 1 p.m. in the Brown-Lupton University Union Chambers. CIS faculty are expected to lead the three, 45-minute informational sessions.

“It’s about trying to equip people with the information and tools they need to help us collectively achieve our mission of sending students all over the world,” Severson said.

Severson said advising students about studying abroad is a collaborative effort among many members of TCU faculty.

“When trying to decide if I even could study abroad with all of my major requirements, my advisers and Jesica at the study abroad office really helped me get all my classes sorted,” said Tori Cress, a senior who studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, in spring 2015.

Cress said studying abroad was one of the “greatest opportunities that a college student can have,” and said professors should make sure their students consider traveling during their undergraduate years.

For further questions about studying abroad, contact [email protected].

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