Dr. Bob Akin with students after his presentation in the Last Lecture Series.

TCU’s first non-traditional students urged seniors to keep learning even after graduation.

“Students often think degrees confer the right to get a job,” said Dr. Bob Akin Jr., a TCU marketing professor. “But that employment shouldn’t mean the end of learning.”

Akin was the second professor to speak in TCU’s Last Lecture Series. In his speech “They Gave Me a Home,” Akin touched on three themes: failure, learning and “thank you time.”

Akin told the audience he did not want to study when he was growing up. Instead, he planned to work for his family’s company.

Akin was 32 when he enrolled at TCU. He met the woman who would later become his wife and made him realize the importance of earning a degree.

Akin said it is not the grades you make that is important; it’s about the people you meet.

Jacob Malmquist, a senior biology major, said Akin made him realize that pursuing his dream career is more important than little failures along the road.

“Akin said that his real form of wealth is in relationships,” Malmquist said. “It resonated with me because I love helping people.”

Associate Provost Leo Munson remembered when Akin was accepted to TCU.

“It was a different time,” Munson said. “It was a big risk, but it was a good bet.”

Akin advised students to seek out those who will invest in them. Always take time to say “thank you,” he said.

“In life, it is not things you do, but people you are with that have value,” he said.

“I love purple, I love TCU because what makes it different is people. This is my home.”

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