Pahellenic is eliminating skits to ensure that new members join for the right reasons.

Comical, creative and sometimes even tear-jerking, the skit is considered one of the most memorable aspects of sorority recruitment.

But that’s about to change.

TCU Panhellenic has enacted a new set of bylaws established by Panhellenic Nationals. The new bylaws include the removal of the skit round from sorority recruitment.

Panhellenic President Eden Reeves said the council is aiming for a process focused on fewer frills and more on the character and personalities of each chapter.

“The ultimate purpose is to make sure that who we present ourselves as during recruitment is exactly who we are after Bid Day,” Reeves said. “Sorority life isn’t all about big curls, bouncing in wedges and singing catchy songs.”

Reeves said she believes the chapters get caught up in aesthetics and decorations, which distract from giving potential new members (PNM) the chance to know them.

“A PNM should be buying into a chapter because of their women and who they are at their core,” Reeves said. “When we add frills, we make that so much more challenging for PNM’s to understand.”

The council recently approved bylaws to move closer to what they call a “values-based” recruitment. This includes wearing casual attire during round two, developing procedures to help chapters remain accountable during the process and eliminating skits on round three.

“[Skits] provided too much ambiguity for chapters to show PNM’s content that was ‘unbecoming of a sorority woman,’” Reeves said. “When you take the pressure off of the chapters to put on a show, you’ve created an environment where actives can better get to know PNM’s.”

Katherine Shepherd, a sophomore member of Chi Omega, said the elimination of a skit will be a definite adjustment.

“It’s always been a key part of round three for all chapters, so it will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with to fill that space,” Shepherd said. “It will be challenging, but I think it will bring some healthy changes to the process.”

The decision to remove skits, which was made by the National Panhellenic Conference, will go into effect during every sorority recruitment in the country this fall.

Reeves said the Panhellenic Executive Council is taking a more hands-on approach to chapter accountability to make sure that recruitment runs smoothly.

“[Panhellenic] Exec members will be acting as liaisons to make sure that chapters are doing what they said they were going to do,” Reeves said. “Outside of a football game, recruitment is the single largest event that TCU puts on, and the largest amount of responsibility lies on the eight collegiate members of exec.”

Reeves said all these changes to recruitment will be a challenge, but will be beneficial for the future.

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