TCU performers looking for a platform that isn’t afraid to host diverse and creative acts may have found a home.

TCUnderground is a new organization on campus that hosts showcases of student rappers, musicians, poets and more. Students come together a few nights a semester to perform in a safe and uncensored environment.

Founder of TCUnderground Nia Brookins said after a long semester of going through the process to make the organization a reality, she’s just happy that there is a safe place on campus where anyone can come to express themselves through their art.

“It’s an organization now that strives to integrate the TCU and local community through art,” Brookins said. “We’re always going to have that one thing in common, and then we want to encourage creative expression through performance.”

For the performers, being in a room with people that all want to be there as much as the next person really helps create the best environment for creativity.

Senior theatre studies major and comedic performer Emily Versen said the constant high-energy level she felt from the TCUnderground audience made her feel more comfortable and free on stage.

“I have not been aware of a creative outlet on campus quite like TCUnderground,” Versen said. “As an artist and performer I feel very strongly that TCU needs an inclusive and diverse platform for people to come together through artistic expression, and TCUnderground is exactly that.”

The amount of variety from act to act allows the artists opportunities to speak and collaborate with people they may not have ever been able to before.

Junior acting major and lead singer of the band Midnight Show Jesse Thomason said TCUnderground emphasizes the need for both community and diversity among artists on campus.

“It’s incredible seeing people in pursuit of their passions, and TCUnderground harbors a sense of community that takes TCU so far beyond just a classroom setting,” Thomason said.

On the flipside, those in the audience should be ready for the wide variety of acts.

Senior theatre major Dana Cassling was in the audience and said it was a pleasant surprise to find so much diverse talent on and around campus that she never knew about.

“It’s just a chance to see so many different types of acts that you don’t normally see,” Cassling said. “I had no idea there were so many talented rappers and poets at TCU.”

TCUnderground has its showcase every two weeks. Any student or local act looking to perform should like the organization on Facebook and message them there to reserve a spot.

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Matt is a senior film major and journalism minor from The Woodlands, Texas. He covers Arts, Entertainment and Media for TCU360.