Art in Unexpected Places from TCU Student Media on Vimeo.

Purple string on trees, eyes on the library steps, paper airplanes leading to the Tucker Technology Center–this is all part of a TCU class.

Art in Unexpected Places is an assignment in the Drawing II class and was founded by Adam Fung, an assistant professor of art.

“We do projects like the Unexpected Places where we take drawings and place it around campus,” Fung said. “So we don’t go and do this project in a class and nobody sees it. So this way the entire campus gets to see what we’re doing.”

Jerilyn Womack, a sophomore graphic design major, made the cat with words “follow me” outside the Moudy buildings.

“It’s different from any art project I’ve ever done,” Womack said. “And it was cool to bring attention to places on campus that you don’t really notice during your commute.”

Claire Joyce, a student currently taking Drawing II, decided to wrap purple string around trees and the sculpture in the Moudy atrium for her assignment.

“It’s kind of open-ended,” she said. “Like it’s a drawing class, but I’m putting string on trees.”

This semester’s Drawing II students’ projects will be on campus starting April 11 and 12.

“It really engages students on a different level,” said Lindsey Dunnagan. Dunnagan is an adjunct instructor of art and teaches Drawing II.

“Not only are they creating art in the studio, but they’re putting it on campus and having this wonderful interaction with the students who go here who might not get a lot of exposure to art or that type of thinking,” Dunnagan said.

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