Phi Kappa Sigma executive director, chapter president respond to dismissal


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Phi Kappa Sigma’s executive director and the former TCU chapter president have declined to comment on the chapter’s removal from TCU.

But in an interview with the Star-Telegram, Executive Director Timothy Schug later confirmed the events outlined in Beta Theta President Clayton Reis’s email, although he said he didn’t believe the problems were widespread.

“I wouldn’t say that the organization itself was pushing the limit,” Schug said, according to the Star-Telegram. “I think it was individuals who did not recognize that membership in an organization draws attention to that organization.”

When he returned a phone call from TCU 360 last week, he declined to comment specifically on Reis’s email.

When Schug spoke to the TCU 360, he focused on the future. “No decision to close a chapter is usually easy,” Schug said. “There are very few that are cut and dry.

“We are working with the university to arrange for a return.”

Reis did not return repeated calls from the TCU 360. However in an email to the Star-Telegram on Thursday, he wrote that it was “very unfortunate that the mistakes and actions of a few of our members” caused the chapter to lose its charter.

“Our procedure for dealing with any members who did not uphold the values of the fraternity has always been to investigate internally and then take the necessary disciplinary action including immediate removal from the organization,” Reis wrote, according to the Star-Telegram. “We are terribly upset that we were unable to continue this process in order to continue the longstanding tradition of Phi Kappa Sigma at TCU.”