The clown was spotted after midnight wearing a white mask with red rimmed eyes and mouth. The person was walking around campus with two others who were not dressed as clowns.

TCU’s official position on clowns is that there weren’t any on campus overnight.

“We are aware that these reports have caused some fear and anxiety, but there have been no reports of this behavior in or around our campus,” Kathy Cavins-Tull, the vice chancellor for student affairs, wrote in an email Tuesday afternoon.

Kathy Cavins-Tull sent an email out about the clown craze.
Kathy Cavins-Tull sent an email out about the clown craze.

TCU students joined the national clown craze late Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Some even patrolled campus with hockey sticks and bats.

Cavins-Tull encouraged students to avoid dressing up as clowns in the current climate.

“This type of behavior can induce real fear, trauma and anxiety in others and it has the potential to be very unsafe for the prankster,” Cavins-Tull said.

Cavins-Tull also reminded students of TCU’s weapon policy on campus in the email.

Still, students should expect to see more officers patrolling campus in case of clowns.

For any clown sightings, contact TCUPD at 817-257-777.

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