Women are treated for suspected cholera infection at a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen, Thursday, Mar. 28, 2019. A United Nations humanitarian agency said on Monday that Yemen has witnessed a sharp spike in the number of suspected cholera cases this year, as well as increased displacement in a northern province. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

We’re back and we’re reading everything from “Fox News” to “The New York Times.” We’re trying to help you keep up with the rapid pace of politics and everyday news. Today, we’ve got a long overdue child support payout, a disease threatening Yemen, and a teen sentenced for her friend’s injuries.

California mom awarded child support 50 years later

A 74-year-old woman is about to receive $150,000 in child support checks from her ex-husband. 

Toni Anderson of San Diego raised her daughter Lane from the time she was three as a single mother. Her ex husband all but disappeared.

According to CNN, Anderson searched her ex recently on the internet and saw that he was living a more than comfortable life.

Last month Anderson went to court and the judge granted her motion on unpaid child support.

Anderson encourages other single moms “not to be afraid to go after [their ex-husbands].”

Seagram heiress collapses in court room

Clare Bronfman of Seagram alcohol collapsed in a Brooklyn federal court room Wednesday afternoon.

Bronfman was charged in July for allegedly being involved in a cult that runs NXIVM, deemed a self help organization.

Bronfman’s lawyer Michael Avenatti is accused of trying to extort millions in sportswear from Nike and the Wall Street Journal is calling Bronfman a “co-conspirator.”

Avenatti did not appear in court Wednesday and is also tied to cases of tax and wire fraud in California.

Bronfman was escorted out of the courtroom and the case is set to resume Thursday, March 28th.

Monsanto owes cancer patient $80 million

A man accused a weed killer of causing his cancer, and on Wednesday a San Francisco jury found Monsanto at fault.

Monsanto is now facing several thousand lawsuits around the country.

Last summer a man was awarded $289 million from Monsanto.

Monsanto claims that the ingredient in the weed killer is safe, according to Fox News.

Chloera scare in Yemen

A potentially fatal disease, cholera appears to be threatening two thousand people per week as a result of the humanitarian crisis of the war in Yemen, according to health workers via The New York Times.

Cholera is spread by poor hygiene and contaminated drinking water and can cause fatal dehydration without treatment.

The World Health Organization said that there have been more than 200 deaths so far. Many of the victims are children under the age of five.

Doctors Without Borders is calling for the aid of humanitarians for safer water as there have been 109,000 cases of acute water diarrhea. 

Yemen is no stranger to cholera. After the war in 2015 there were over 1 million cases. 

The United Nations says Yemen is the world’s worst man made humanitarian crisis.

India joins space battle

The Indian Prime Minister announced that the country accidentally shot down one of its own satellites after test-firing a rocket.

According to The New York Times, this situation only escalates the country’s rivalry with China and Pakistan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India is demonstrating power in space that few others have.

The U.S., Russia, Canada, China, and now India have the proven ability to destroy objects in space.

Teen sentenced to two days for pushing friend off bridge

Last summer a video of a girl getting pushed off a bridge went viral on Twitter. 

Tay’lor Smith, the convicted teen, pleaded guilty last week in court and was convicted of reckless endangerment today, according to CNN.

Her friend broke four ribs and punctured a lung. 

Smith is on supervised probation until she completes 38 days on a work crew on top of her two days in jail.

That’s all we have for today. Check back tomorrow for more.

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