TCU alumna Lizzie Morris celebrates her nuptials at the Tarrant County Courthouse. (Photo courtesy of Lizzie Morris.)

The restrictions in place due to COVID-19 have limited large gatherings and nonessential travel, but some lovebirds have learned how to adjust.

Couples who had planned to get married during this time have had to make major changes in their plans to follow social distancing guidelines.

TCU alumna Lizzie Morris said her plans for an April 4 destination wedding weren’t feasible in the face of the pandemic. So, in a little more than a day–25.5 hours–she arranged her wedding for March 18 at the Tarrant County Courthouse.

TCU alumna Lizzie Morris celebrates her nuptials at the Tarrant County Courthouse.
(Photo courtesy of Lizzie Morris.)

“We had a long engagement and were ready to be married regardless of when or where,” Morris said. “I decided we should just get that part done and we’d figure out the rest of the details later.”

Keagan Phillips of Dallas also decided to have an impromptu wedding. The Phillips exchanged their nuptials on their planned wedding date, April 18. But the venue changed to the groom’s parents’ house in Rockwall.

“That day has been such a milestone goal in our heads ever since we picked it as our wedding day roughly eight months beforehand,” Phillips said.

Wedding photographer Kailey Beth Jackson of Kailey Beth Photography based in Arizona said the pandemic has greatly affected the way she works.

“It has changed my job because rather than receiving inquiries for weddings of 200 to 300 people, I have been shooting more local elopements of three to seven people,” Jackson said.

Like many brides who have chosen to have their wedding during the pandemic, Morris and Phillips said they are planning later celebrations to fulfill their dreams of being surrounded by friends and family on their wedding day.

Morris maintained a positive outlook on the situation.

“It’s nice to finally cross that marriage bridge and just do it,” she said. “It’ll be such a fun story to tell our kids one day,” Morris said.

Phillips was also upbeat about reconfiguring her entire wedding.

“It might not be exactly what we envisioned when we started planning our day, but it was perfect none the less,” she said. “I can’t wait to celebrate with all of our friends and family in October.”

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