The outside of DFW's newest retail store. (Photo courtesy of Nancy Jones)

A retailer new to the metroplex has brought a twist to discount and membership shopping. 

Crazy Cazboy’s features overstocked, damaged and returned merchandise at steep discounts based on the day of the week. 

The store at 5425 S. Cooper St. is closed on Thursdays when the merchandise bins are restocked. 

Nancy Jones, involved in marketing and communications at Crazy Cazboy’s, said shopping at the store is experiential and adventurous.

“It’s thrilling,” Jones said. “You truly never know what you are going to find in the bins.”

Jones also said there is no guarantee what will be in stock that day, but one thing they can guarantee is that it will all be one price.

The Arlington store is Crazy Cazboy’s fifth location.

Founder and CEO John Cassimus said he wants to bring a high energy environment and create excitement around these “incredible” deals.

The idea came to Cassimus in 2017 when he learned how exciting the liquidation business is and how few people were integrating the sales process and a high-energy marketing effort.

“I purchased my first truckload of overstock and box-damaged merchandise and that led to opening my first fixed priced liquidation store, Mike’s Merchandise,” Cassimus said. “I was introduced to the bin store concept and the uniformed step down model was thrilling and a great opportunity for growth.”

Cassimus said they are continuing to rapidly grow the brand, and expect six to eight new stores to open this year.

“We have the largest liquidation deals in the country with Amazon and many other US retailers,” Cassimus said. “We have an enormous amount of product to sell at incredible prices.”

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