Toni’s Toffee: A small business centered on women’s empowerment


In 2017, Toni Yancer was employed at a hardware store when the owner encouraged her to start selling her toffee, as it was the best they’d ever had.

Yancer started her own toffee company, Toni’s Toffee, centered on women’s empowerment because she relied on the women around her to succeed. Her friends were offering Yancer a place to sleep, a car to borrow and encouragement to pursue the idea of starting her own toffee company.

“I started writing a business plan and in the business plan I knew that I wanted to be able to help other women the way that the women really showed up for me,” Yancer said.

The company was founded in 2018 in Austin, TX. Yancer then employed women at Toni’s Toffee who were in recovery and needed a job, or women who were looking for work, but did not have the best employment history. She also offered these women a bed to sleep on if they needed it.

“Women were eating at my apartment. They were showering at my apartment,” Yancer said. “One girl slept on my couch for two days- I was offering anything I could do to help them and they were willing to help me.”

Molly Burnette, who has been a candy maker at Toni’s Toffee since the beginning, said that Yancer has been a wonderful mentor to women who have gone through the same hardships that she had.

“Toni is a really rare person. She goes through her stuff and comes out smiling,” Burnette said. “She’s just a really unique and wonderful woman and I’m thrilled to see her blossom.”

Toni’s Toffee can be purchased on the company’s website and shipped anywhere in the United States.

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