About TCU 360

TCU 360 is part of TCU Student Media. It is student-led and faculty advised. Our mission is to develop aspiring journalists who use accurate and ethical reporting to inform and serve people invested in TCU. All Horned Frogs are welcome. TCU Student Media is part of the Department of Journalism in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication.

For information about the rules and guidelines we adhere to as an online news publication, please see our terms of service.

We are proud to partner with Parse.ly, who provides us with an innovative data analysis suite developed specifically for newsrooms.

If you’re interested in working for TCU Student Media, check out the Student Media Job Board or email Jean Marie Brown, Director of Student Media.

Who We Are

J.D. Pells, Executive Editor

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Alexis King, Managing Editor

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Alexandra Preusser, Executive Editor

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Haeven Gibbons, Executive Editor

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Katherine Lester, Executive Editor

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Lonyae Coulter, The Skiff Executive Editor

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Alexandra Lang, PolitiFrog Editor

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Colin Post, Sports Editor

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Camilla Price, Copy Desk Chief

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Skye Moreno, Audience Engagement Editor

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Esau Rodriguez, Photo Editor

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Asia Soliday, NewsNow Producer

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Tenae Durham, The Leap Executive Producer

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Ariel Wallace, The Leap Executive Producer

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