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Carolina Olivares

Carolina is a journalism major with a minor in Spanish (and a die-hard Rockets fan) from Houston, Texas. When she's not reporting you can hear her yelling at the TV when watching sports.

What we’re reading: Another e-mail scandal. And no, it’s not Hillary

We’ve got some interesting information on Ivanka Trump and some emails, a heartwarming story of hero who saved 22 children, and an update on an illness that's striking hundreds of children.

Hispanic voters credit O’Rourke for their participation

Texas had a higher voter turnout, especially amongst Latinos. Some say O'Rourke inspired them to vote to hopefully see a change in government.

What we’re reading: O’Rourke gets musical

President Trump has made progress building a wall along the Rio Grande and we learn Beto O'Rourke can do more than just public speak.

Update: University identifies student who died

Fort Worth Police responded Thursday to the death of a student outside of GrandMarc at Westberry Place.

What we’re reading: A little early voting surprise

Today we've got a lot of potential tensions between Saudi Arabia and other countries over the murder of a journalist, a look into the outcomes of early voting, and an update on Hurricane Willa headed into Mexico.

TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine aces accreditation

The TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine received perfect scores on all 12 of the standards judged for accreditation.

Political organizations and their efforts towards midterm elections

Young Republicans and Democrats at TCU have conversations to influence a higher voter turnout.

What we’re reading: Further investigations on Kavanaugh

While Former President Barack Obama is trying to make strides for Democratic candidates, and President Trump is well...never at a loss for words.

Health center offers free booster vaccines in light of mumps case

Three cases of mumps prompted the health center to provide free booster shots to students who may have been exposed.

What we’re reading: To the moon and back

Some Texans fooled into opening “junk mail” ⋆ How much fake news can you detect a day? ⋆ Tesla CEO being sued over tweet ⋆ Japanese billionaire purchased every seat on SpaceX flight to moon ⋆ “Generous nation” to lower refugee flows to 30,000 in 2019 ⋆ U.S./China tariff negotiations ⋆

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