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Daichi Ito

Daichi Ito is an economics major with a minor in journalism from Cupertino, California. His dream is to one day work in the sports industry as a sports economist or sports journalist.

Taking in pets increases amid pandemic

Many people are taking in pets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How distance learning is affecting the job hunt for seniors

As the entire country is forced to shut down to minimize the spread of COVID-19, students all over the country are being forced to adapt to new styles of learning.

What to expect from the new Music Center

The new music center is aiming to help grow the music program at TCU.

Strategic communication seniors promote safe drinking class project

Senior STCO students turn to virtual campaign to promote safer drinking habits.

What we’re reading: Coronavirus fear strikes cruise ship, Texas teen awarded...

Nearly 6,000 tourists were held on a cruise ship when one passenger showed symptoms similar to that of the rapidly spreading coronavirus.
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