Grace Amiss

Grace Amiss is a senior journalism major and managing editor for TCU360. When she is not reporting she is most likely raving about her golden retriever or taking a spin class. Grace is currently writing about student life at TCU, so feel free to drop her a line if you come across a story you feel is worth sharing!

Sigma Kappa to host 4th annual carnival to raise money for...

Sigma Kappa hopes to raise money and awareness for their philanthropy, the Alzheimer’s Association, through their fourth annual carnival.

BreakShuttle offers students trips to Texas cities for academic breaks

BreakShuttle now offers bus tickets to TCU students who want to travel to Texas cities during college breaks

A cappella groups look to start next year on a high...

TCU's a capella groups reflect on their past year successes.

Registrar tests new final exam schedule

Students taking night classes will have a concrete final's schedule this semester.

TCU looking to expand suicide prevention and awareness campaign

TCU works to spread awareness about mental health and suicide awareness through their "R U OK?" campaign.

TCU works to alleviate stress through meditation groups

The Counseling and Mental Health Center provides tips and tricks through a meditation group in hopes of alleviating stress and improving sleep.

Time is running out to avoid a government shutdown

The government has until midnight to avoid a shutdown. If they can't prevent it, here's what it would affect the day to day.

Some students unsure of where to take cover during lockdowns

TCU students and faculty reflect on what to do when there's an armed person on campus.

TCU Campus Store offers free repair table for Mac and PC...

Apple Certified Technicians is offering free services on Mac and PC computers to students who are experiencing technological problems.

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