Lindsey Follis

Lindsey Follis is a junior sports broadcasting major and journalism minor from Southern California. She enjoys watching sports, spending time with her family and traveling the world. Lindsey hopes to cover sports professionally in the future.

What we’re reading: Yemen facing threats

We’re back and we’re reading everything from “Fox News” to “The New York Times.” We’re trying to help you keep up with...

Parking tickets racking up for students

Students pay two years of TCU tuition through parking tickets.

What we’re reading: Remembering Karl Lagerfeld

We’re back and we’re reading – everything from “The New York Times” to the “The Associated Press.” We’re trying to help you...

TCU police see increase in burglary reports

The TCU police are tightening their patrol measures from the increase.

Soccer squeezes past Missouri to stay unbeaten

The team continued their undefeated start to the season with a 1-0 victory in overtime Sunday.

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