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Courtney Jay takes wisdom away from Cowtown

When I look back on my time at TCU, I'm grateful for the many great memories I know I'll cherish for the rest of...

Newscast Thursday Jan. 12

Footage from the Rose Bowl, parking updates and basketball player released from team. To watch full webcast, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtK7Jw-QNAE

University should be more prepared for weather emergencies

Texas and Oklahoma lead the country in tornado activity, so it would make sense that universities in those states have thorough emergency weather plans of which all students are aware.

Director of Housing and Residence Life Craig Allen said resident assistants are supposed to place magnets on every on-campus refrigerator with information about tornado safety. Though these magnets do include useful information, most are overlooked or simply ignored by students living on campus.

Wikipedia a good source to begin with, but not for primary...

Students hear it all the time when preparing to write academic papers: "Wikipedia is not a source!" But don't count Wikipedia out completely.The online...

People should exercise caution when friending on Facebook

Though some workplaces are open forums for social interaction and can even be, dare I say it, fun, it's imperative to always make the distinction between work and play. When faced with the decision to friend, or not to friend, one's boss or co-workers on Facebook, there are several things to consider.

Facebook security settings can be hard to control. Whether people believe their Facebook pages to be secure or not, there are always ways for people to find personal information, should they really want to.

SGA discusses finding stability in plus/minus grading system

Editor's note: This article was edited for accuracy at 12:51 p.m. March 9.

The Student Government Association is trying to adjust discrepancies in the plus/minus grading system, an SGA representative said.

The system was implemented three years ago, but not all professors use it. Senior political science and English major Carlton Alexander, SGA Academic Affairs chair, said this stratification led to grade discrepancies, causing concern for students.

There are always alternatives to violence

Violence is not the only answer to frustrations with bureaucracy. Peaceful protesters like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. managed to get their messages across without flying a plane into a building. Many citizens in the country are coping with financial hardship and bare mistrust toward a system that is lacking in transparency and accountability, but there are other outlets for anger. Although Austin plane crasher Joseph Andrew Stack may have felt he had no other option, there is an alternative to threatening or taking the lives of others.

Official: Parking garage a possibility

Plans for a much sought-after parking garage on campus are ready to be approved this year, a university official said.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said an updated master plan of the university's proposed building projects, with proposed locations for a parking garage, has been submitted to the board of trustees for approval in 2010.

"I think the first phase of the master plan is generally considered five to six years, and I think there would be a parking garage in that first phase," Mills said.

Tom Brown-Pete Wright policy simplifies and creates difficulties

The university should be commended for attempting to simplify the process of signing up for a spot at the Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments, but...

Conan’s exit leaves student intern stranded

Senior film-TV-digital media major Sam Wunderl was interning for "The Tonight Show" with Conan O'Brien, before O'Brien on Thursday struck a deal with NBC, ending his contract.

Wunderl said he was planning to stay in Los Angeles until June, but the uncertain future of the show has left many on staff worried for their jobs.

Wunderl said the deal between O'Brien and NBC was at a lengthy standstill prior to Thursday because Conan wanted more severance pay for his staff.

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