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The Saarloos mentality: The long road from player to newest coach for TCU baseball

Before TCU baseball's Head Coach Kirk Saarloos coached baseball, he played it. He fell in love not only with the game, but also with every little thing that went into practice, both physically and mentally.

Hugs and homers: TCU Baseball’s brotherhood is “what life is about”

The TCU baseball brotherhood is showcased by interactions and relationships between teammates and coaches.

Desperate call: TCU student from Kyiv drops everything to help people in her homeland

A TCU Ph. D. student uses her life's work to help her people in the chaos of war
John V. Roach Honors College

Longtime TCU champion John V. Roach dies at 83

The business mogul and tech pioneer who pushed TCU to new heights

Heard Mentality: Lauren Heard is rewriting TCU basketball history

Lauren Heard plays her final home game of the regular season Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Works in 2022 MFA Candidacy Exhibition ‘With Pleasure’ hold personal meanings for students

The 2022 MFA Candidacy Exhibition displays works focused on themes of place and explores memories being tied to a specific site.

Artist at the Modern Art Museum uses pennies to reflect on the pandemic

Artist Jill Magid spread 120,000 pennies throughout New York City bodegas, the same amount as one stimulus relief check, and transformed it all into an art exhibit.

Fort Worth female-owned businesses grow, starting on West Vickery

Local female entrepreneurs are part of the 156% growth in female-owned business in Texas over the past two decades.
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