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Monday, March 8, 2021

2020/21 NFL Exit Interviews – AFC North

Jack and Noah begin their 2020/21 NFL Exit Interview series with a review of the previous season of the AFC North.

Episode 248 – THIS. IS. MARCH.

Jack and Noah welcome the month of March by diving right into college basketball recap, including TCU's three most recent games and all the recent conference regular-season champions.

100th Episode Special

Jack and Noah celebrate our 100th episode of the Blanket Coverage Podcast with a thank you to our loyal fans and some fun off-the-cuff sports talk.

Episode 247 – #snellszn, The State of Fort Dixon

Jack and Noah recap the week's NBA action, TCU's embarrassing loss to Kansas State, and continue our March Madness preview.

Episode 246 – NBA All-Star Selections

Jack and Noah take a look at the 2021 NBA All-Star Starters, the top college basketball games, and some updated bracketology.

CFP and Bowl Season Recap

Jack and Noah host our college football recap special - covering the New Years' 6 bowls, college football playoffs, national championship game, and our final takes on each conference and their highlight/lowlight teams.

Episode 245 – Super Bowl LV Recap, NFL Awards

Jack and Noah discuss Super Bowl LV and other sports news.

Blanket Coverage: Super Bowl LV Preview

Jack and Noah preview the upcoming Super Bowl LV

Episode 244 – NCAA football is back

Jack and Noah bask in the glory of the esteemed NCAA Football video game series returning, as well as recap the week's NBA and college hoops action.

Organizations fight hunger on local and national levels

The final installment of the hunger in America series looks at how organizations in Fort Worth and beyond are battling hunger.
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