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Pop Off Episode 4: Youtube with Macy Thompson

This week on Pop Off, Josie and Katelyn talk to Macy Thompson about her YouTube channel and her journey on the platform.

Open House Podcast Episode 5: Maddie Raney

Kyle Atwood welcomes Maddie Raney, a Communications representative and member of the new Ad Hoc Committee to the podcast this week.

Open House Podcast Episode 4: Clayton Dana-Bashian

Kyle meets with the Chief Justice of the Judicial Board and Honors College representative, Clayton Dana-Bashian and discusses Cabinet’s trip to Washington, D.C.

Pop Off Episode 3: Mat Talk

This week, Josie and Katelyn discuss the phenomenon behind the Netflix show Cheer and talk about Justin Bieber’s failed album.

Open House Podcast Episode 3: Nicole Gorretta

Thanks for joining me for another episode of Open House. This week, I have announcements about our upcoming elections and a conversation with Sustainability Director Nicole Gorretta.

Pop Off Podcast Episode 2: Good food, bad fads

Josie and Katelyn talk about popular fad diets and discuss Sunday night’s Oscar highlights.

Open House Podcast Episode 2: VPO Ryan Chandler

Welcome back to Open House, the podcast about all things SGA. In today's episode we will hear from VPO Ryan Chandler, as well as some updates on SGA events and services.

Pop Off Podcast Episode 1: When Harry met Meghan

On their first episode of Pop Off, Josie and Katelyn give the rundown on the royal family drama, share their thoughts on the Super Bowl halftime show and explain what resigning means for Meghan and Harry.

Blanket Coverage Podcast 002

In this episode of Blanket Coverage, Jack Wallace and Noah Parker sit down to recap last weekend's college football games including TCU-Iowa State and Auburn-Florida, this weekend’s OU-Texas and UF-LSU games, a Week 5 NFL recap, Dan Quinn’s hot seat and predictions.

Blanket Coverage Podcast 001

In this first episode of Blanket Coverage, Noah Parker and Jack Wallace talk TCU-Kansas, TCU-Iowa State, Clemson, depth of the Big 10, PAC-12, and CFB top 6 before moving on to discuss Titans-Falcons, how the league is playing out as a whole, and AFC and NFC players and teams of the week. The show ends with Noah and Jack giving their picks for this weekend’s slate of games.
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