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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Pop Off Episode 4: Youtube with Macy Thompson

This week on Pop Off, Josie and Katelyn talk to Macy Thompson about her YouTube channel and her journey on the platform.

Pop Off Episode 3: Mat Talk

This week, Josie and Katelyn discuss the phenomenon behind the Netflix show Cheer and talk about Justin Bieber’s failed album.

Pop Off Podcast Episode 2: Good food, bad fads

Josie and Katelyn talk about popular fad diets and discuss Sunday night’s Oscar highlights.

Pop Off Podcast Episode 1: When Harry met Meghan

On their first episode of Pop Off, Josie and Katelyn give the rundown on the royal family drama, share their thoughts on the Super Bowl halftime show and explain what resigning means for Meghan and Harry.

Listen: Celebrity Dish (Season 2): Episode 3

For today's appetizer, Taylor and Megan talk about the Jonas Brothers' reunion. For dessert, they discuss "The Bachelor" and the fence jump.

Listen: Celebrity Dish (Season 2): Episode 2

Taylor and Megan waste no time getting down to all of the celebrity news and gossip.

Listen: Celebrity Dish (Season 2): Episode 1

Celebrity Dish is back with a new season and some tea!

Celebrity Dish (Ep. 21 – Zayn and Gigi, Bachelor Arrest and more)

On this week's episode, we talk about Zayn and Gigi's one year anniversary. We also talk about one Bachelor star's arrest, divorces in Hollywood and a TV show wedding reunion.

Celebrity Dish (Ep. 20 – Justin Bieber, Coachella and more)

On this week's episode we talk about Saturday Night Live, Coachella and Justin Bieber's new song.

Celebrity Dish (Ep. 19 – Buble, Exposures and more)

This week we talk about happy news regarding the Buble family expose a few Hollywood celebrities.
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