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CFP and Bowl Season Recap

Jack and Noah host our college football recap special - covering the New Years' 6 bowls, college football playoffs, national championship game, and our final takes on each conference and their highlight/lowlight teams.

Episode 245 – Super Bowl LV Recap, NFL Awards

Jack and Noah discuss Super Bowl LV and other sports news.

Blanket Coverage: Super Bowl LV Preview

Jack and Noah preview the upcoming Super Bowl LV

Episode 244 – NCAA football is back

Jack and Noah bask in the glory of the esteemed NCAA Football video game series returning, as well as recap the week's NBA and college hoops action.

Episode 242 – Hennething is possible (NFL Divisional Round Recap, Championship Round Preview)

In this week's episode, Jack and Noah wrap up the 2020 NFL Divisional Round as well as talk NBA hoops and college basketball, including TCU's COVID-19-related postponements.

Episode 234 – CFB Week 15, NFL Week 14 Preview

Jack and Noah preview Week 15 of college football and Week 14 NFL action.

Episode 232 – CFB Week 14, NFL Week 13 Preview

Jack and Noah preview the upcoming Week 14 of college football and Week 13 of the NFL.

2020 Thanksgiving Special

Jack and Noah present our Blanket Coverage Thanksgiving Special!

2020 NCAA Basketball Preview Special

Jack and Noah take a look at the 2020 NCAA Basketball season

Episode 229 – CFB Week 12, NFL Week 11 Preview

Jack and Noah preview the college football Week 12 and NFL Week 11 action, as well as some MLS Cup Playoff and Thursday Night Football updates.
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