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Fort Worth
Monday, October 18, 2021
John V. Roach Honors College

Honors College challenges students’ knowledge of Fort Worth with experimental course

The Honors College is testing students' knowledge of Fort Worth in an experimental eight-week course.

Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship minor returns to TCU

The Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship program is back at TCU after budget reallocations.

TCU Rhino Initiative plans for the semester ahead following fifth annual Rhino Run

The TCU Rhino Initiative held its fifth annual 5K and has more plans for the future.

Are you a rising junior? Doing this can land you full tuition for your...

The Excellence in Literary Fiction (ELF) scholarship that originated out of a love tale grants one winning applicant two full years of tuition for their junior and senior year.

Working overtime: night classes become a new reality for most students

COVID makes night classes the norm for many students.

TCU iNaturalist project brings students closer to campus wildlife

More than 600 plant and animal species have been recorded on campus from TCU's iNaturalist project.
Frog Fountain

The College of Science and Engineering Dean, Phil Hartman, retires after 40 consecutive years

A former student described Hartman as a true motivator, and extremely passionate when caring for his students.

Students debut performances of drag personas as part of unique new course

'The Queer art of drag' was offered as a course for the first time this semester.
Students study out on the Commons.

Condensed semester, lost week to snowstorm adding to some students stress during finals week

With the elimination of study days, students discuss reducing their stress during finals.
Race and Reconciliation event

Boschini responds to faculty criticism over recent interview

Chancellor Boschini responds to faculty budget cut letter and new honor code initiatives on campus.
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