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School splits into two departments

The School of Geology, Energy and the Environment will split into two departments this September.

School of Music chooses new interim director

Among the changes to Horned Frog faculty that occurred over the summer is the appointment of a new director to the School of Music Kristen...

New school program introduced

Looking around her office with several full bookshelves lining the walls, the new dean of the school of interdisciplinary studies still feels like she...

Fine Arts has a new interim dean

Dr. Richard Gipson, formerly the director of the School of Music, was appointed as the interim dean for the College of Fine Arts in...

Students involved in cheating scheme using Quizlet

A dozen students are involved in a cheating scheme using a Quizlet study set.

Politics professor encourages universities to embrace free speech

Princeton University politics professor Keith Whittington visited TCU to talk about the importance of supporting free speech on campus and encouraging the debate it can generate.

Dean of Admission reflects on university’s growing recognition

Following a record-breaking number of applications, TCU Dean of Admission talks about how much the university has grown.

‘Keep Calm and Stress Less’ aims to teach students how to...

TCU will be holding anxiety management workshops for students in need.

Fashion merchandising’s hidden asset

The Fashion Merchandising Department has quite the hidden gem kept within its halls.

Faculty Senate votes to create task force on adjunct issues

The Faculty Senate is looking into status of adjuncts.
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