SGA considering eliminating Scantrons

SGA officers are working out how to reduce paper use on campus.

Revamped enrollment process confuses some students

Construction hasn't been the only change on campus.

SGA plans to revise pass/no credit system

SGA is pushing for a change in the pass-no credit system to keep students more engaged in their classwork.

TCU staff get a second shot at an education

Some of TCU's staff members are working toward getting their GED.

25 years of legacy: Women and gender studies at TCU

Women and gender studies celebrates its 25 year anniversary on campus.

The dual admission process for dance majors

Prospective dance students must be accepted to both the university and the dance program.

Overcoming obstacles: graduate faces challenges inside, outside classroom

A TCU senior will walk down the aisle next weekend at graduation — something many people didn't think he'd be able to accomplish because of the life-threatening disease he battles.

Boschini talks: construction, parking, tuition, enrollment, DEI, a student trustee

Chancellor Victor Boschini discusses the major topics from the most recent Board of Trustees meeting.

College admission scandal has no effect on TCU’s admissions integrity

TCU's dean of undergraduate admissions said TCU is reevaluating their process for improvements.

A guide to designing your graduation cap

A guide to coming up with a theme and designing your graduation cap.
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