Boschini: New year, new leadership

The Chancellor announced this years award winners, introduced the new Provost, and shared his goals for the academic year at the Fall Convocation.

The dual admission process for dance majors

Prospective dance students must be accepted to both the university and the dance program.

TCU dean of admission promotes diversity, equity and inclusion

TCU's dean of admission Heath Einstein is the image of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Boschini talks: construction, parking, tuition, enrollment, DEI, a student trustee

Chancellor Victor Boschini discusses the major topics from the most recent Board of Trustees meeting.

College admission scandal has no effect on TCU’s admissions integrity

TCU's dean of undergraduate admissions said TCU is reevaluating their process for improvements.

Majority of faculty votes yes on DEI ballot

There were 406 faculty members who voted yes equaling 77.48 percent.

TCU Faculty voting on secret DEI ballot

Faculty have until 5 p.m. Wednesday to vote on moving forward to add DEI in the core curriculum.

TCU Faculty Assembly may be one step closer to DEI vote

A call for a vote on the DEI overlay proposal will take place Thursday

TCU has no plans to drop SAT and ACT requirement

TCU has no plan to stop accepting SAT or ACT scores in the coming future.

Core curriculum may soon include DEI courses

The addition of diversity, equity and inclusion classes would be the first change to TCU's core curriculum in 15 years.
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