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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Annual flu shot clinic to occur outside, by appointment next month

The clinic will offer 3,500 free vaccines to TCU students, faculty and staff.

COVID-19 sparks decline in business at Fort Worth restaurants and bars

COVID-19 has hurt the local food and beverage locations around the TCU campus.

Student Development Services helps transfers adjust during pandemic

More than 400 students transferred to TCU this year, and some challenges have arisen as they transition during a pandemic.

First-year students experience on-campus dining

One month into the school year, students are forming their opinions on TCU’s “touchless dining experience."
Students come back to school for the Fall 2020 Semester.

Number of reported cases continues to decline

Total active cases fell to 138 as the fourth week of classes ended.

YMCA to host virtual learning sites in Tarrant County

The Tarrant County YMCA launched a distance learning support program for students.

Students concerned about mask compliance inside TCU’s library

The library has protocols in place, but some students said not all of their peers are following them.
Students come back to school for the Fall 2020 Semester.

New ‘landing zones’ give TCU students a place to work

New 'landing zones' provide a safe and quiet atmosphere for students to study and attend their online classes, but are they getting much use?

Students on and off campus reflect on their time in quarantine

Students living on and off campus talk about how quarantine is affecting them.

The faces behind Mask Up TCU

A student-initiated Instagram campaign is encouraging people to wear their masks.
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