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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Paddle-out in Maui honors Floyd, other black lives

People in Maui participated in a paddle-out to honor those killed in acts of racism or police brutality.

Will you be my quarantine?

Newlyweds discuss the toll of COVID-19 on their weddings.

Family works to stay positive at home

I sat down with my family to get their take on everything and discuss what they have done to keep a positive mindset.

Elementary school students face challenges with distance learning

A challenge college students at home during the pandemic might face is helping their younger siblings with distance learning while their parents are at work.

Home away from home

In this pandemic, many people find places where they can go to temporarily escape the situation.

Spring at TCU: Empty classrooms, quiet campus

Even with an empty campus, some students are living near campus to maintain the college environment and savor what time they have left with their TCU community.

A day in my life of quarantine

Students are trying to adapt to this new way of living by establishing daily routines and keeping themselves as busy as possible.

Routines for some remain the same

Vivian Johnson is an essential worker and while the world is consistently changing around her, her routine remains the same.

Healthcare workers and their families in COVID-19

The ways these family members ensure they and their families are safe from infection are vital in controlling the spread of the virus.

Staying healthy while in quarantine

Some people may find it hard to live a healthy and active lifestyle in the confines of their home during the quarantine.
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