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The city beat: Fort Worth, Texas

This is the first of an ongoing series of articles examining issues facing Fort Worth. The stories were reported and written by students in JOUR 30204. Working in teams, students explore issues through the Fault Lines of class, generation, geography, gender, sexual orientation and race.

Keeping Funky Town under control: What’s the Fort Worth Crime Control and Prevention District?

The CCPD was initially established in 1995 to combat local crime— record crime rates across the city in the late '80s and early '90s were the driving force of the CCPD — but over the last 25 years, it has become an integral part of city spending. This story is part of "The City Beat," an ongoing series that explores issues facing Fort Worth.

Gen Z: An in-depth look at the generation as it comes of age

This report was compiled using reporting done by students enrolled in JOUR 40643 summer semester 2021 for Image Magazine's Spring 2022 issue.

Fort Worth Water Lantern Festival tradition uplifts spirits

Lights filled the water and hearts of Fort Worth residents last weekend as many traveled to the city for a popular spring tradition.

Second Annual Reconciliation Day event to recognize TCU’s hidden figures

Second annual Reconciliation Day plans to acknowledge TCU's history with racism and slavery and celebrate steps toward reconciliation.

Visitor side of Frog Alley garage is open for students during storms

Parking concerns from students include the lack of covered parking, lots close to campus and parking tickets.

Art and science collide in TCU zoo enrichment course

Both ecology and art students combine their passions as part of a zoo enrichment course offered every other year at TCU.

Froggie 5-0 considers, tests new changes in preparation for the fall

Students may not be able to use Froggie 5-0 for a convenient trip across campus starting in the fall of 2022.

Don’t press send: Cyber ‘sextortion’ of students becoming more common at TCU

TCU Police are reporting an uptick in cyber blackmail cases among students.

Four students bring their NIL business to TCU

A group project blossomed into a new startup in the NIL business leading to multiple partnerships with TCU athletes.
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